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Where did I turn for my animated gif self-portrait…?

CAM gif MaybellineHouse Fashion Week Sept. 9 2018

#NYFASHIONWEEK and #MaybellineHouse of course!

On Sunday, Sept. 9, I had one of the most selfie-centric experiences known to civilization.

On the Lower East Side of Manhattan, during New York’s Fashion Week, I found myself in the imagined-yet-real, elusive-yet-tangible, mysterious, nomadic and fantasmagoric world of FashionistaLand. Though it changes in “look” and location (and then poof! vaporizes) twice per year (à la George Costanza’s “promised land” Meat District model-hangout-that-vanished Seinfeld episode) THIS go-round I rode the dragon straight in to “belly of the beast”, that being, a NY Fashion Week event fashioned for and tailored to (ALL puns intended) contemporary culture’s narcissistic selfie-obsession in a hashtagged, branded venue. Scary!

#maybellinehouse Neon Sign Sept 10, 2018

On a superficial level, this experience did not disappoint.

Thanks to the many props provided at the venue, ranging from the giant complexion-friendly pastel-colored blocks to frolic on, MANY lights and mirrors (though no smoke, darn) to a “diva fan” (yep!) and selfie gif station (uh-huh!) I came away with many images

Carolyn at MH FW Edit Sept 10 2018

AND a handy tote bag that I designed in collab with a hipster-for-hire from a selection of Maybelline slogans. I chose “UNSTOPPABLE” over “WILL WORK FOR LIPSTICK”. Hmmm… I wonder why in these #MeToo Time’s Up times?! Not to worry, there was “BOSS LADY” also, which my friend chose (and made me lol because she’s the sweetest woman in the world, but a strong boss lady, too.)

The most intriguing aspect of the tote swag to me, however, was neither it nor the merch to fill it with, though it’s quite fun and generous of any brand to give stuff away, but rather the Hand Jet EBS 260 printer that magically printed my unstoppable slogan amid an array of hearts on my bag. WOOHOOO!!! SWEET! I wish they’d been handing out one of THOSE to stash in my tote!

CAM MaybellineHouse Fashion Week Unstoppable Swag 2 Sept. 9 2018 (2)



CAM MaybellineHouse Fashion Week Sept. 9 2018

You wouldn’t necessarily perceive it from the above photos, BUT after a few hours (and a few hundred selfies later) my group and I were tired of focusing on ourselves. We were tired of hearing the black Maybelline t-shirt clad event staffers reminding us to “use the hashtag!” We were happy to think of heading uptown and sitting down to a long, late lunch/early dinner and our tickets to a Broadway show that same night (Sunday funday!)

Enough selfies, group selfies and selfie gifs.

That is, for now…

CAM gif MaybellineHouse Fashion Week Sept. 9 2018



Il Papa!

PopePicture(2)BySophiaMorenoPaz Sophia Moreno-Paz had the great, random fortune of seeing Il Papa at 5th & 55th, and I just had a lovely chat with her as I procured her photo for CultureArtMedia which I print with her permission.

Sophia generously shared this photo and also her first-hand experience with me. I asked her what it felt like to have seen him waving toward her, and she said it gave her “goosebumps”. I asked her if time stood still or if it was a blur. She thoughtfully recounted the experience as having unfolded in “real time”. Neat!

Sophia hails from Argentina, as does Pope Francis, and her surname Paz translates from Spanish, the Pope’s mother tongue, to “peace” in English. We’ve all heard the Pontiff say paz and pray for it countless times since ascending to Pontiff, and throughout his inaugural stateside visit, as he models his namesake the beloved St. Francis of Assisi. Peace indeed.

In both her heritage and name, I can only believe that Sophia Moreno-Paz was truly meant to see Il Papa.

Millllllle grazie Sophia! And many thanks to Hub and Jim for connecting me with Sophia–PEACE OUT!


Photo Credit: Sophia Moreno-Paz, Sept. 24, 2015, printed with her permission