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Broadway’s Night

This Broadway season, I accidentally saw every show on W. 44th Street.

From Frozen to the The Play That Goes Wrong to Phantom‘s 30th anniversary performance to Farinelli and the King¬†and Hello Dolly! (with last season’s Tony award winner, the Divine Miss M herself, from the second row center Orchestra) I took in many brilliant theatrical productions this year, and happily, even saw some of them twice.

I also attended Broadway’s Got Talent, a fun, feisty competition at Feinstein’s 54 Below through the generosity of the lovely Francesca Capetta via GIAA where hub and I were thoroughly entertained by the hilarious Mistress of Ceremonies, Klea Blackhurst, as she slickly hosted the evening.

But, my personal fave current Broadway show was/is…



Perhaps it was the visceral recall of my glory days in the disco era, or that I shared such Proust-ian memories with a bosom buddy when we attended the show together in previews, or that I got seats in the last row Orchestra on the far aisle through a special offer so that we could dance ourselves silly (and we did!), or that David Geffen himself watched from the aisle RIGHT NEXT TO US, or that afterward we chatted with the Director and made the case for the show to include an after party, or maybe it’s the blush-colored Bad Girl t-shirt I just HAD to purchase, or, or, or, I could go on and on.

Whatever the reason, my bosom buddy and I hope that Summer is recognized at the awards tonight.

BosomBuddies2 at Summer

Bad Girls!

Carolyn Alongi McDonough and Brian McDonough at Feinstein's 54Below Broadway's Got Talent Competition May 22, 2018

Cheers from CultureArtMedia to all!

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