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Road Trip

I like road trips. I also like films with road trips. I was treated to both via the indie film Detours.

This movie made me laugh heartily and cry, a beautiful arc of feeling to experience while getting a sneak peak as a guest of the writer, producers and lead actors at a recent cast & crew screening.

After seeing the film, the invitees were treated to a reveal in to the process of making this film through a Q&A with Mara Lesemann (Writer/Producer) Tara Westwood (Lead Actor/Producer) and Carlo Fiorletta (Lead Actor/Producer). I’d planned to ask Mara Lesemann at a pre-screeening interview we’d arranged “what inspired the story?” But duty called with a mad rush at the screening venue when I arrived, requiring Mara to meet & greet. No worries–I’m glad I got to see the film first! So I was delighted when an invitee asked this very same question, and I was able to capture Mara’s response, which gives a glimpse in to her writing process toward the screenplay without giving too much away:

A road trip is a very relatable theme, among many others in the film.

DetoursSEE IT!

DetoursPhotoImage (460x307)


I’ve officially lost track of the actual days of the week. But one thing is for sure: TUESDAY RULES

According to my WordPress metrics, CultureArtMedia OWNS Tuesday. So here we are! Thanks to all who’ve helped make this happen! And now, a few of my favorite things from 2015, namely, iguanas, da Vincis and wine: 

B*tch stole my iguana! please see Day of the Iguana… 

My passion for da Vinci-s whinces each time I view Staples guy!

Hey, wine guy, check a map!

Obviously, great marketers know NO bounds, but as I’m a creature of habit, I’m loving my Tuesday metrics news after all the calendar woes of late:

Tuesday is the new Black Friday.

Doorbusters and Cyberbusters and schnitzel with noodles.

Green Monday.

Thursday Night Football on Sunday Night.

Why? Why? Why?

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Pantone bi-color choice of the year ahead.

So next year, let’s just chuck the whole calendar and color wheel!

Until then, “a woman dresses as Mrs. Claus for her iguana stuffie…”

MrsClausIguana (45x100)

iguana courtesy Rev. Dr. Tami Coyne

October-issimo: a Halloween Finale

S3Oct19PicLabEditsHeadShots 009

“Octoberissimo” is shorthand for a wild month.

From Make me Elphaba to Un Ballo in Maschera fundraiser donning Venetian masks, it was off to Greece via the Onassis Cultural Center to view a site-specific Jenny Holzer. Back to NYPLLPA for the Head Shots exhibition and then a tour through Bulgari & Rome of very select pieces from the Bulgari Heritage Collection many with ancient coins embedded in them and accompanying sculptures from antiquity displayed to perfection on loan from Ariadne Galleries.

All I can say is dio mio! (easy translation: omg)

Add to this a GREAT WordPress Meet Up on SEO and a GREAT CEN NYC event on “The Business of Blogging” which gave both this l’il ole blog and I a Culture/Art/Media/entrepreneurial vitamin shot!

Hence, “October-issimo”!

I felt all the above would be best described visually and in a meme as a Halloween finale…

S3SeptOct2015VariousCVSpecialEvent 082S3Oct282015Edits 022S3Oct282015Edits 021S3Oct282015Edits 023

S3October2015SpecialEvents 057


…need I say more…?

photo credits: 1) B. McDonough 2) A. McDonough 3/4/5) C. McDonough 6) un paparazzo 7) Selfie

Il Papa!

PopePicture(2)BySophiaMorenoPaz Sophia Moreno-Paz had the great, random fortune of seeing Il Papa at 5th & 55th, and I just had a lovely chat with her as I procured her photo for CultureArtMedia which I print with her permission.

Sophia generously shared this photo and also her first-hand experience with me. I asked her what it felt like to have seen him waving toward her, and she said it gave her “goosebumps”. I asked her if time stood still or if it was a blur. She thoughtfully recounted the experience as having unfolded in “real time”. Neat!

Sophia hails from Argentina, as does Pope Francis, and her surname Paz translates from Spanish, the Pope’s mother tongue, to “peace” in English. We’ve all heard the Pontiff say paz and pray for it countless times since ascending to Pontiff, and throughout his inaugural stateside visit, as he models his namesake the beloved St. Francis of Assisi. Peace indeed.

In both her heritage and name, I can only believe that Sophia Moreno-Paz was truly meant to see Il Papa.

Millllllle grazie Sophia! And many thanks to Hub and Jim for connecting me with Sophia–PEACE OUT!


Photo Credit: Sophia Moreno-Paz, Sept. 24, 2015, printed with her permission

Oscar Winning ReTweet


#ThrowbackThursday called for this back-in-the-day photo of Benicio Del Toro & I as birthdays usually spur a “life review”. This year, my annual life review was further spurred by the opening of the film Sicario. Hence the photo. Why? Because I met and “dated” one its stars, Oscar winning actor Benicio Del Toro, or as I knew him, Beno, during Spring semester of my Senior year at Vassar and into that Summer while he was in NYC pursuing his acting career, as was I with voice & dance.

So just for fun, today, I reached out to him via Twitter #ThrowbackThursday with a photo of us at The Mug which was one of the drink-and-be merry/see-and-be-seen gathering places on campus (i.e., bars). Alas, all such watering holes at VC are now dry. We were nicely introduced to each other by his cousin, a fellow classmate of mine. Beno was visiting from Cali where he attended UCSD. My Senior class was in the 11th hour of finals and graduation excitement (i.e., partying). It was a really fun time in life and whenever I look at the photo of us it makes me feel young and carefree, with a world of promise awaiting.

Thankfully, I have the most secure hub on the planet who is not at all threatened by the story of the proverbial summer romance I had with Beno before meeting him–hub–in Venice, Italy. As the story goes, an unexpected hospitalization for surgery that same summer caused me to lose contact with Beno as he was between East/West coasts, and then word of my fellowship to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection that winter spurred me to embark upon my post-grad life path abroad, not knowing I was also embarking upon what would become my married path. La forza del destino.

It was really fun again today, when Beno re-tweeted the photo of us at The Mug via #ThrowbackThursday. Visit the feed to see it and feel free to favorite/retweet/message away.

I’m very glad I FINALLY got to congratulate him on that Oscar! It was for the film Traffic (which, btw, when he won it, made my Manhattan phone number ring with a call of delight from a Beliefnet colleague who was always stunned that I’d “dated” him, knowing my hub would be ok with her squealing about Beno’s winning to me–and he was.)

Best of luck to the film Sicario which opens in select theaters Friday, Sept. 18, and may I say, Guardians of the Galaxy (which Beno was also in) was the BEST FILM SOUNDTRACK EVER AND ALSO BEST COVER ART FOR A FILM SOUNDTRACK EVER!

Ah, to be 21 in the 80’s!



Current events news and media coverage of ongoing trouble in the Greek economy should remind us all of the cultural debt owed to Ancient Greece. Lest we forget, the basis of every effective form of persuasion, legal argument, political campaign and advertisement is STILL the Aristotelian appeals of ethos, pathos and logos, EVEN IN the age of user customization and mobile marketing.


Ethos triggers our moral compass, pathos tugs at our collective heart and logos appeals to our sense of reason, the hallmark of humanity.

All hail Aristotle as CultureArtMedia launches TheCultureTalks series Summer 2015 with EthosPathosLogos.



S3PhoneTransferMarch302014 024
photo by Brian McDonough

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who’ve liked my posts and to all followers of the CarolynArtMedia blog since its launch this year.

Culture + Art + Media + Likes = Thank You!

(Moments before my hub took the above photo of me at a fundraising event in a historic country club, a waiter spilled a HUGE glass of red wine on me. Most of the wine landed in my hair, hence the “Cabernet tint” to it.)

I may not be “Selfie-Ready Always” but I’m “Camera-Ready Always”!

Radiant Orchid Dress by AB Studio
Hair by VuSalon (minus the Cabernet)