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Interactivity & the Collective Narrative: “Catalysts”

In 2007, the year I finished my Master’s in Media Studies, I attended sleepwalkers at MoMA and wrote extensively on the interactive element within exhibition design for completion of my degree work. Aitken’s sleepwalkers is a good example of a contemporary experience of media being carried out collectively and also speaks to the collective narrative, as Aitken built into the projections a random re-ordering of the scenes. He thereby established a new collective narrative with each cycle, engaging and involving the viewer in a new way each time, albeit slightly dictatorial to the viewer.

On an unrelated-to-sleepwalkers note, we’re actually addressing thoughts on social media for Week 2 of Catalysts, and I seem to have missed that mark. So, I’m adding this post-script regarding social media and how I use it in my art & work: I’m not on Facebook, but I am on Twitter and I totally see the value of social media 🙂

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