Mr. Cunningham

I had the rare social pleasure of being photographed by the great Bill Cunningham, Mr. Cunningham, that is.

Such moments are the thrill of a lifetime and also the kind of fun anecdotal encounter which define You cannot plan or arrange such experiences, they just happen. To think that the captured image is contained in Mr. Cunningham’s revered and treasured file cabinets is heady stuff.

I wrote this post a few years ago after embarking upon a quest to obtain a copy of the photo. I had a delightful conversation with his editor, who was extremely kind and much to his credit, did research and send me an image. I had to sincerely laugh when I opened the image–a very lovely couple but not my hub and I. Psych! I replied and we shared the laugh. I was giddy just wrapping my head around being in such hallowed file cabinets. Running with the society set is heady stuff indeed.

Originally titled, “I’m in Bill Cunningham’s File Cabinets” this title feels irreverent now.

I do still hold out hope that the image will appear in my inbox someday, while saddened that a force such as Mr. Cunningham who celebrated the “happening” has passed.


National Selfie Day

It has come to my attention that today is National Selfie Day.

I thought every day was National Selfie Day from our global device-as-appendage behavior.


The last selfies I took were on May 7 and on April 11 before the Friendgrass photo (please see Selfie-Ready Always for the reasons why I’m not in the habit of documenting every moment–but I’m trying!!)

My research in to this new national celebration yielded a wealth of sub-selfie days. My fave is Museum Selfie Day. Now we’re cookin’ with gas! That’s right in my multidisciplinary wheelhouse!

So take some bursts today BUT mark your calendars and reminder apps for January 18, 2017 and say “cheese!”16SelfieReady AlwaysCAM



Facebook’s Chief Product Officer appearing on Charlie Rose plans to harvest your “friendgrass”.

According to FB’s CPO, “friendgrass” is social media speak for what was formerly referred to as community, network, connections, “friends”, followers, etc.

AND, FB wants YOURS.

So a backdrop of Astroturf seemed a good visual toward this concept.


To Sir James Galway With Love


If anyone had told me that I’d have the honor to joins hands with Sir James Galway, the great flutist, I wouldn’t have believed them.

Nor would I have believed that my ace photog hub would capture the moment.

Such is the nature of the blog.

After returning from the Renaissance Society of America annual meeting in Boston, and realizing I had tickets to see/hear him in concert, meeting him was the proverbial icing on the cake of hearing him play an all Bach program in the company of supremely gifted musicians, among them his wife, Lady Jeanne Galway, a great flutist in her own right. We happened to get seats very close to the stage, and as it turned out, near the backstage door through which he and they entered and passed many times within our arm’s reach making the whole experience that much more special.

Billed as “Sir James Galway and Friends” by Parlance Chamber Concerts under the aegis of Michael Parloff, Artistic Director, the joyful and soulful all Bach program was a sublime delight.


Parlance ChamberConcert April32016

Sir James Galway and Friends Post-Concert

(Musicians in alphabetical order: Benjamin Beilman, Violin; Paolo Bordignon, Harpsichord/Continuo; Nicholas Canellakis, Cello; Timothy Cobb, Bass; Ying Fang, Soprano; Sir James Galway, Flute; Lady Jeanne Galway, Flute; Mark Holloway, Viola; Sean Lee, Violin; Danbi Um, Violin)


Opinion Joe!


Joe and Mica have been tireless in their reporting and analysis of the 2016 candidates.


The above screen grab and rare 3:00pm  sign-on by Joe opened with “We’re baaaaack…” delivered by an amusingly punchy but ready dynamic duo (exhaustion or drinks at lunch?)

So, Congrats to Joe Scarborough on his MorningAfternoonEvening and now OpinionJoe!

“Joe Scarborough” was trending earlier this Leap Day on Twitter when The Washington Post announced he will be writing a column, inspiring CultureArtMedia to a double header.

Joe & Mica and their many guests have been consistently SPOT ON (and the proportional inverse to the misguided MSNBC’s “Sorry to See You Go” segment with fireplace backdrop while a New Year’s Eve high rise fire in Dubai raged on live TV.)

As the very old song goes, “In the mornin’ in the evenin’…ain’t we got Joe…?”

And now “in the paper” as old folks used to say–GO JOE!

Leap Day Memo to the Oscars

Oscar’s new format was as stunning in boredom as its 70’s Glam themed set.

As a process person, I was totally on board with the idea to mix up the awards giving order by “following the process of film making.”

The first award was always Best Supporting Actor and there was a reason for this having to do with Hollywood history, which I can’t recall right now, and don’t feel like Googling. Having dated a Best Supporting Oscar winner myself (see Oscar Winning ReTweet) who was in the audience and presented last night (which my ever generous and secure hub pointed out to me) I gotta say, this category is WAY more exciting than kicking off the show with Best Screenplay–no offense to writers and all personal bias of my own aside!

It’s as if the Oscar elves conspired an evil plan to both confound and put people to sleep right out of the gate. I can hear them scheming: “Let’s get everyone amped up by Chris Rock. Then, let’s make the first two awards for Screenwriting and have two A-list actors give out those awards by narrating excerpts from the nominated screenplays in droning monotone pre-recorded voice overs. Now there’s a HOT idea!

So, on this Leap Day, I take the opportunity to say, “ah, where are the good ole days of spontaneity within the overly rehearsed, highly packaged, pre-produced Oscars?”


STILL, Oscar 2016 had some great moments: Tracy Morgan as “The Danish Girl” and Director Inarritu’s pronunciation of the word “hair” as “her”.

BOTH as GOLDEN as the statuette itself!!


p.s. Memo to the Academy: PLEASE KILL the new “I’d like to thank the Academy” winners crawl because it gave a HUGE whiff of putting the cart before the horse making it seem that the awards are an inside deal (get out!) due to having been written beforehand.

photo credit: Oscar Selfie 2014 by Bradley Cooper as determined by copyright law and many entertainment attorneys