C’mon and ZOOM

ZoomC’mon and ZOOM C’mon and ZOOM ZOOM C’mon and ZOOMA ZOOMA ZOOMA ZOOM We’re gonna show you just why

Zoom Outro 1972We’re gonna teach you to flyC’mon and ZOOM!

Oh my…some of the most riveting 70’s theme song lyrics ever written. Hey, they worked on this girl, a loyal pre-teen (that’s what we used to call “tweens”) ZOOM viewer. Plus, I dressed like the cast purely by accident, or a lack of parental wardrobe intervention (hint: the latter) so there was ALOT to relate to! Remember the episode where the two boys caught a fish, baked it in clay, and ate it?! Now THAT’s some TV for kids! YUM! Giardia anyone?

Zoom PBS 70's Album Cover with Record

The ZOOM cast cut records! On the A&M label!! THAT’s Herb Alpert’s label!!! Holy Zoom! Who the zoom inked THAT deal?!

WHOMever thought, today, amid a pandemic, ALL business, teaching, and learning would be conducted via a marginal-at-best video conferencing platform also named ZOOM?! Whom do YOU ZOOM? Everyone. Why? Because I have to.

I’m ZOOM’ed OUT.

The audio hurts my ears and the Mute/Unmute is a pain in the a*^ (Oops! I’m UN-MUTED! DAMN! OOPS! SORRY!)

My favorite ZOOM-in-the-COVID19 TIME refrains are: 

“I’m gonna try to share my screen now…”

“Can everybody see that…?”

“You’re muted.”

“Ah, technology…” (a philosophical rationale mantra usually said with an audible sigh which everyone in the meeting hears).

Don’t get me wrong, I love my colleagues, students, and professors but…  

I hate ZOOM.

The ONLY ZOOM I will EVER love is on PBS via WGBH-Boston (but props to WNBC’s SNL AT HOME pandemic live broadcasts).


5 thoughts on “C’mon and ZOOM”

  1. Lolol…. good one! Thanks for the laugh Carrie! I would take Zoom Zoom Zooma Zoom over Zoom telecom-MUTATION horrors any day!!!


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