“Improv” Your Work

5 reasons every exec and anyone should take an Improv class

1) To work a different part of the brain. HOW many studies are out now advising of REAL “brain gym” workouts, the kind of stuff that makes you “sweat” while you’re trying to figure it out, as I recently heard a health pro describe it. If your brain “hurts” that’s good. No more crossword puzzles or Sudoku – go Improv instead.

2) As an antidote to corporate-speak, shop talk, and even hipster lingo, which many execs falls prey to, and becomes their “default-speak” (just fyi, starting sentences with “So…” is affected sounding). You cannot imagine the vocabulary and phraseology that starts coming forth when you can’t ask questions or deny what your fellow scene partners are saying or doing (two “rules” of Improv). Goodbye to slick-ster speak.

3) To further sharpen communication skills. Example: the Improv “game” 60-30-15 in which actors must reduce a 5-minute scene to 60 seconds, then 30, then 15 is a WILD ride and will rock ANYONE’s world. Sales pros especially will likely close a sale like nobody’s biz after a few 60-30-15 go-rounds.

4) Laughter therapy. Again, HOW many studies have recognized this?! Google it.

5) FUN

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