Odes to the Ides

Ah, yes, tis the Ides of March–again.

And, isn’t it grand how we now change the clocks right before the Ides, just to really drive us all up the nearest tree struggling through the last of Old Man Winter?

So it’s dark in the morning–again. And it’s light out until 7:00pm-ish EDST here on the East coast BUT with the continued terrible weather, who would know?! Or care!

The whole ritual just makes everyone tired and hazy, except in Hawaii and Arizona,  because the smart residents there DO NOT succumb to this weird, ongoing social experiment in clock time, which began in England and Germany, and caught on stateside, to make people shop more.

Yes, SHOP more!

Honeybeelujah! Don’t tell Rev. Bill!

Speaking of shopping, it appears that Saks 5th Avenue, along with Gucci, have been reading this blog–again!

HOW else would they have come up with this recent window dressing theme?! URGENT: Please see Mona Lisa & An Iguana on 5th and Shopping Cart Abandonment for more.

SAKS5thAvenueShoppingCartsWindowFeb2018photo by Brian McDonough

I’d just like to know how on earth I forgot these two photos last week during Int’l Wonder Women Day


…in my last post? It MUST have been the clocks.

This year…

CarolynWithWW2WW photos by Acacia McDonough

…Wonder Woman is shielding me from the Ides!

And please don’t let this happen to you–no outfit is worth it!



2 thoughts on “Odes to the Ides”

  1. You are Wonder Woman! If it makes you feel any better, I had a parent just return from a business trip in Hawaii and the weather was terrible there!

    1. LOL–but at least the clocks in Hawaii stay the same! (tho’ flying there from the East coast will give you jet lag for a month!) You’re so funny, bella, I always love your take on things! 🙂

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