Mr. Cunningham

I had the rare social pleasure of being photographed by the great Bill Cunningham, Mr. Cunningham, that is.

Such moments are the thrill of a lifetime and also the kind of fun anecdotal encounter which define You cannot plan or arrange such experiences, they just happen. To think that the captured image is contained in Mr. Cunningham’s revered and treasured file cabinets is heady stuff.

I wrote this post a few years ago after embarking upon a quest to obtain a copy of the photo. I had a delightful conversation with his editor, who was extremely kind and much to his credit, did research and send me an image. I had to sincerely laugh when I opened the image–a very lovely couple but not my hub and I. Psych! I replied and we shared the laugh. I was giddy just wrapping my head around being in such hallowed file cabinets. Running with the society set is heady stuff indeed.

Originally titled, “I’m in Bill Cunningham’s File Cabinets” this title feels irreverent now.

I do still hold out hope that the image will appear in my inbox someday, while saddened that a force such as Mr. Cunningham who celebrated the “happening” has passed.


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