National Selfie Day

It has come to my attention that today is National Selfie Day.

I thought every day was National Selfie Day from our global device-as-appendage behavior.


The last selfies I took were on May 7 and on April 11 before the Friendgrass photo (please see Selfie-Ready Always for the reasons why I’m not in the habit of documenting every moment–but I’m trying!!)

My research in to this new national celebration yielded a wealth of sub-selfie days. My fave is Museum Selfie Day. Now we’re cookin’ with gas! That’s right in my multidisciplinary wheelhouse!

So take some bursts today BUT mark your calendars and reminder apps for January 18, 2017 and say “cheese!”16SelfieReady AlwaysCAM

6 thoughts on “National Selfie Day”

  1. Wonderful stuff! It brings to my mind two notions:
    1) Is there an app for whitening teeth in a selfie?
    2) Today I found out about an app name AroundMe (with emphasis on the second syllable, of course!) It shows you restaurants, movie showtimes, etc for your current location (but sadly not frame of mind 🙂
    to allow you to satisfy hunger or sail off to a movie on a moments notice.

    1. You could launch a blog on these musings and findings alone! In response to 1) there must be! AND 2) Wowza–I love how the app designers don’t even try to come up with catchy brand names, they just go straight to vanity and say “done!” Thanks for being great Friendgrass 🙂

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