Oscar Winning ReTweet


#ThrowbackThursday called for this back-in-the-day photo of Benicio Del Toro & I as birthdays usually spur a “life review”. This year, my annual life review was further spurred by the opening of the film Sicario. Hence the photo. Why? Because I met and “dated” one its stars, Oscar winning actor Benicio Del Toro, or as I knew him, Beno, during Spring semester of my Senior year at Vassar and into that Summer while he was in NYC pursuing his acting career, as was I with voice & dance.

So just for fun, today, I reached out to him via Twitter #ThrowbackThursday with a photo of us at The Mug which was one of the drink-and-be merry/see-and-be-seen gathering places on campus (i.e., bars). Alas, all such watering holes at VC are now dry. We were nicely introduced to each other by his cousin, a fellow classmate of mine. Beno was visiting from Cali where he attended UCSD. My Senior class was in the 11th hour of finals and graduation excitement (i.e., partying). It was a really fun time in life and whenever I look at the photo of us it makes me feel young and carefree, with a world of promise awaiting.

Thankfully, I have the most secure hub on the planet who is not at all threatened by the story of the proverbial summer romance I had with Beno before meeting him–hub–in Venice, Italy. As the story goes, an unexpected hospitalization for surgery that same summer caused me to lose contact with Beno as he was between East/West coasts, and then word of my fellowship to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection that winter spurred me to embark upon my post-grad life path abroad, not knowing I was also embarking upon what would become my married path. La forza del destino.

It was really fun again today, when Beno re-tweeted the photo of us at The Mug via #ThrowbackThursday. Visit the feed to see it and feel free to favorite/retweet/message away.

I’m very glad I FINALLY got to congratulate him on that Oscar! It was for the film Traffic (which, btw, when he won it, made my Manhattan phone number ring with a call of delight from a Beliefnet colleague who was always stunned that I’d “dated” him, knowing my hub would be ok with her squealing about Beno’s winning to me–and he was.)

Best of luck to the film Sicario which opens in select theaters Friday, Sept. 18, and may I say, Guardians of the Galaxy (which Beno was also in) was the BEST FILM SOUNDTRACK EVER AND ALSO BEST COVER ART FOR A FILM SOUNDTRACK EVER!

Ah, to be 21 in the 80’s!


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