As I elf my way toward the holidays and new year, I noticed the media regurgitation and re-purposing of two “old news” topics, even with the young British royals “on holiday” (all pun again, sorry) and “in town” for their first official visit to New York! The “old news” stories rehashed were:

1) A certain reality-TV brand with the initials KK is still being quoted about her pregnancy

2) Italy’s American Idol winning nun defends singing “Like a Virgin”

[Editor’s note: Due to the impurity, even when treating “immaculate” subjects, this is a text-only minimalist post.]

On the first “old news” topic, whenever I hear her about to be quoted, my radar goes automatically to TMI setting. And she did not disappoint. In talking about her 5th month, which I paraphrase, she said, “It was like something had taken over my body…!” Like a BABY, perhaps? Gee…

On the second old news topic, said nun is quoted to have said that this particular song had NOTHING to do with the buzz this choice would create due to the person most closely associated with it and EVERYTHING to do with its “prayer-like feel”. Translation: SHE MAY BE A NUN, BUT SHE’S NO MEDIA VIRGIN. And it begs the question: then why didn’t the singing nun just perform the other song by that same person with the word “prayer” in its title?

Perhaps the real singing nun is Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent fame, who reportedly had never been kissed and now has her first boyfriend.


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